Share Your Love With Homemade Valentine Cards

Share Your Love With Homemade Valentine Cards


Share Your Love With Homemade Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day and cards go together like peanut butter and jelly. Since the Middle Ages, people have shown their love by saying or singing their message, and paper Valentine’s originated in the 1400s. Vintage Valentine cards include lace decorations, and your homemade cards can too.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic Valentine’s Day celebrant or new to the party, share your love this year with homemade Valentine cards.

1. Collect materials.

Almost any material can be used to create a homemade card. Look in your craft bin at home and shop at thrift stores or art and craft stores for unique materials like lace, buttons, colored paper, markers, stencils, rubber stamps, stickers and adhesive. If you start collecting materials now, you’ll have enough for your card making venture in the weeks leading up to February 14.

2. Use your imagination.

Whether you fold a piece of red construction paper in half and draw a few hearts on it or go all out and create a work of art, the sky’s the limit. Check out vintage cards or scrapbooking websites to find ideas if you’re not creative.

3. Create a recipient list.

Do you remember Valentine parties in elementary school when you had to give a card to all your classmates? You’re not under that same obligation as an adult, but you will want to make a special card for all the people you love. Those people may include your:

Boyfriend or Spouse
Best Friend
4. Write a heartfelt note.
The highlight of any Valentine is the message. Share your love, gratitude and thankfulness with your Valentines when you write a few thoughtful sentences or a long paragraph inside the cards. You could also share a poem or song lyrics with proper attribution. Whether you write your own message or share someone else’s words, your personalized note will be a cherished memento for years to come.

Valentine’s Day gives you the chance to love on your family and friends. This year, make homemade cards. They’re easy for anyone to create and personalize your loving sentiments.