Upcycle! Create Ways to Reuse

Upcycle! Create Ways to Reuse


Upcycle! Create Ways to Reuse

As we prepare for spring, there’s nothing quite like a good, thorough cleaning. Ah, it feels so great to get rid of a bunch of junk you don’t need any more. But you’d be surprised how many things you have that could be repurposed into something new that is both stylish and useful.

Try these tips to take your castoffs and change your space from drab to fab.

Storage Galore

When you go to the farmer’s market, you often see a lot of produce boxes. If you have access to a few of these, you can make some fantastic tables. Sand and stain the boxes. Turn them on their sides so the opening faces out. As a final touch, you can either mount them to a base with wheels for easy movement, or place a piece of wood on top to create a coffee table. You will also enjoy the storage underneath.

Sweaters Renewed

Practically everyone owns a horrible sweater that they never wear. You keep meaning to donate it, but you don’t know what else you could do with it. If you are handy with a sewing needle (and if you aren’t, it’s easy to learn), stuff the sleeves and the torso of the sweater and seal the openings. Tie the wrist cuffs together, and you have a fantastic dog or cat bed. These beds can be surprisingly expensive online or at your local pet store. But you can save a bundle with a little time and money.

Garbage Growth

This neat little tip comes from your trash bin. Take old wine corks and cut a small, deep holes into them. Fill the hole with soil and a small clipping from your favorite succulent plant. A series of these cork planters will brighten up any room where space is at a premium.

Every time you throw something away, you create more trash for your city and the world to try to accommodate. But each time you reuse an item in your own home, you create a new life for it, while you save money and protect the earth’s resources.