5 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping Online

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping Online


Shopping online can be a blissful experience. Imagine you don’t have to go through the hassle of sorting through endless racks of clearance. Everything you need to know about your favorite brands is carefully organized in a gallery, including price tag and sizes. But even this way of shopping can be conflicting if you’re not careful. Whether you go on Amazon more often than you check your social networks or not, here are 5 common mistakes to shop today and not be sorry tomorrow.

Skip Reviews

Customer feedback is the backbone of online shopping. It’s the reason why people trust what they see. Because, word of mouth! The more positive reviews a store has, the more likely it is that customers will keep shopping there. However, if you decide to shop a brand where 3 out of 4 reviews are negative, you’re in for an avoidable disappointment. Those negative reviews are there as a warning, therefore ignoring them could really cost you in the long run. This principle applies especially if you’re shopping at a new site. Whenever you’re unsure of your purchase decision, reviews could represent a deal breaker, so make them part of your decision making process.

Not Paying Attention to Return Policies

Whenever you make a purchase and upon receiving your item it was not what you ordered, the site will provide a “return” window to give you time to file the complaint and get a refund. However, ignoring that window could mean facing return fees that will overall represent twice the value of your original purchase. Ergo, before hitting “Buy Now”, make sure the provider at least offers a restocking fee to compensate.

Saving your personal information

One of the most common mistakes online shoppers make, it often comes as a way to avoid wasting time manually introducing the financial information every time a purchase is made. Unfortunately, this “hassle” has cost many users an even bigger problem: strangers using their personal information to shop without their consent. For this reason, be very careful of logging out of your account before you actually close the page.

Shopping Online on Insecure sites

Bargaining is seen on a very different light when you’re shopping online. People will go as far as venturing on uncharted online waters just to save a few pennies on a certain item. This is highly inadvisable, especially if you’re inexperienced. Insecure sites could be cover up for illegal activity.

Not Using Coupons

First time online shoppers often skip this one, mostly out of ignorance. But coupons can be real life savers. Subscribe to your favorite store’s newsletter to get discounts of all kinds for exclusive items.