Focus at Work During a Personal Crisis

Focus at Work During a Personal Crisis


Focus at Work During a Personal Crisis

Your job is in jeopardy when your personal life interferes with your focus at work. No matter how accommodating your boss is, you can’t afford to make costly mistakes because of a distraction at home. To find balance in those times, try four tips.

Schedule the crisis.
No one can predict when a crisis will occur, but you can stop worrying about it every second of the day. Instead, function at work when you:

Give yourself 15 minutes in the morning to think through and schedule any phone calls that need to be made regarding the crisis.
Take time during lunch to update a trusted friend about the situation.
Spend another chunk of time at night journaling about your feelings. Be honest by sharing what scares, angers or frustrates you.

Use Work as an Escape
You can’t and shouldn’t ignore a personal crisis, but you do need to consciously put your personal life on hold before you walk into your building. Leave the crisis at the door, and ask your family and friends not to call unless they absolutely have to. Right now, your focus is on doing your job to the best of your ability. Your unpaid bills, leaking roof or cheating boyfriend will still be there after work.

Talk to your boss.
Sometimes, your personal crisis is so big that you need to be upfront with your boss. A divorce or severely ill parent or child would be two examples of crises that you must share. Unless your boss is a complete cad, he or she should understand that you need a bit of flexibility during this time.

Take time for you.
You must spend some time relaxing and nurturing you. After work, go for a run, meet a friend for dinner or take a bubble bath. Spend time de-stressing and finding inner balance that help you concentrate at work every day and weather the storm at home.