How To Shop For a Bathing Suit According To Your Body Shape

How To Shop For a Bathing Suit According To Your Body Shape


When it comes to buying cuing clothes, fewer things give women as much anxiety as shopping for a bathing suit. There’s a wide variety of options out there, and we want to find the one that fits us better, of course. The process is grueling, and in order to avoid it, we sometimes just put on a cover up, and a tank top and make it work. But going to the beach on a bathing suit is a very liberating experience you shouldn’t deprive yourself of going through. These experts in swimwear fit have broken down the rules for picking the best swimsuit according to the four main different body types, so now there are no excuses to keep covering up that gorgeous body of yours.


Pear shaped body
We are talking about women that have curvy hips and thicker thighs and are smaller on top. The ideal bathing suit for this shape is one that balances the proportions and gives perfect coverage to the bottom part. To draw the attention to the upper part of the body, look for a plunging neckline or a vibrant colored top, that’s why floral prints should become your best friend this season. Choose a bottom with a solid design or, if you are looking for a traditional fit, choose a clean-skirted bottom in case you want to feel more comfortable. But don’t think for a second that you need to cover up your lovely lady lumps.



Curvy body
A woman that’s curvy all throughout, as in full breasts, hips, thighs and butt, need to find a balance to showcase the areas that are hiding under those dangerous curves. The idea is to give your curves enough coverage while highlighting them at the same time. For this body type it’s recommendable to wear an asymmetrical suit in order to draw the eyes onto the neckline. A great option is a high-wasted bottom that works wonders if you are not keen on overdrawing your assets. For the top, look for something that gives you the support you need to go around careless.

Apple-shaped body
The kind of woman that carries the most of her weight in her stomach is considered to be an apple-shaped body. If you want to conceal your tummy, there are a wide variety of one-piece suits to choose from that do the trick. If you want to show more skin, a high-wasted bottom will help you disguise your torso in a fashionably way. Retro-inspired suits are trending right now, with most of them featuring an eye-catching pin-up shape and details that will help you to conceal any bumps you personally dislike. Accessories help disguise the areas you dislike, but always keep in mind the best bathing suit in life is confidence. It suits every body!

Athletic body
For women with small breasts and hips, but with a lean and toned figure, the goal is to create the illusion of a curvier body, so you can play with bold prints or suit with a wrinkly design that will flaunt your frame. Ruffles around the chest area and hips also look incredible on athletic frames. As you have little to hide, you can take advantage of it and show more skin, we recommend tie-side bikini bottoms that will create the illusion of a fuller derrière. If you have small breasts you can also consider wearing a top with some padding.

Remember, these different ways to categorize your body are not completely strict, one woman may have a combination of two or more of this shapes. The idea is to guide you on what to do to enhance the features you love and hide what you don’t want everyone to see, so you can forget of what you are wearing and have a great time.