New Resources for Career Oriented Parents

New Resources for Career Oriented Parents


New Resources for Career Oriented Parents

Trying to raise children while maintaining a career is one of the hardest things that anyone can do, but it can be made a little easier through the liberal application of technology and common sense. Employers are slowly recognizing that both men and women need time off for their children, but there still aren’t many laws actually protecting this. Those that want to maintain a high-powered career while giving their children the time they deserve may have to get creative.

Child Monitoring Technology

Child monitoring technology can make it much easier to track and manage older children when they are at home or with their friends. Many cell phone companies now offer GPS tracking for their handsets. You can know exactly where your child is at all times, and even what they are discussing through text messages with their friends, all from the office. You can even set webcams up in your home so that you can monitor your children while you’re working. This allows you to forego the sitter when you have late nights at work. Many alarm systems also offer the ability to monitor your children from a distance.

Work-from-Home Programs

More and more companies are beginning to rely on work-from-home programs, and it’s not purely out of altruism. Working for a large company often gives you the option to enroll in these programs, which is perfect for a career oriented parenting style. Companies enjoy these programs because any loss in productivity that is experienced is offset by the reduced overhead. Work-from-home is easier than ever today due to advanced technology such as web cameras, high speed internet and Software as a Service applications. Even a couple days of working from home can drastically increase the amount of time you spend with your child and lower the amount of money you’re spending on childcare.

Flexible Childcare Options

Over the past few years, as more mothers entered the workforce, additional childcare options have sprung up. However, some of these options are so buried that many people haven’t noticed their existence. Nanny shares are one such option. Nanny share companies allow mothers to pitch in to hire a single nanny rather than having to each pay for an individual one. Another option includes entering into a neighborhood rotation, under which one parent takes off a specific day a week and takes care of the neighborhood children. Turning to your community of working parents for support is often the best solution to find the support you need.

Whenever the situation gets complicated or difficult, it may be useful to return to the basics and consider the situation. As a working parent, your responsibility is to provide a good life for your children. It can be difficult to see the forest for the trees when you have so much going on. As long as you prioritize yourself regularly and take the time necessary to reassess the situation, you can be certain that you’re doing the right thing.